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Welcome to the Free Resource Center!

Whether it's confession scriptures, budget forms or learning the principles of conflict management there is something for everyone in this section!

In Joshua 1:8 we are instructed to meditate on God's Word, be obedient and then we will prosper and succeed. Here you will find free resources covering topics ranging from pre-marriage to finances that serve as a help as you study the Word.

The Word says that people perish for lack of knowledge-not faith, but knowledge. As believers we have to know the truth of the Word and our inheritance through Jesus. This section is for just that purpose-the study and meditation of the Word.

Listen and download for free! Enjoy.

What the Word Says

Encourage Yourself*








3 Tips For Couples

What It Takes To Make It

50 Things Every Couple Should Know

Marriage Building 101 Handouts

Before Saying I Do: Questions to Ask

How Observant Are You?*

Joe McGee Marriage Card*

Man: Lover Leader Provider - Impart Magazine Article*

Marriage Seminar - Recommended Reading List*

Marriage Boosters*

Men - 7 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special*

Six Principles For A Strong Marriage | Mobile Version


How to Have a Fair Fight*
The habitual avoidance of conflict is the greatest indicator of divorce. With two differing points of view there needs to be some ground rules for engagement-this is a list of how to keep fights fair.


School Promises*

Back To School Top 10 List*

What Parents Need To Know About Dating*

A Mom's Top 10 List (Part 1)*

A Mom's Top 10 List (Part 2)*

Prayer Card for Mom's*

Prepare Your Kids For A Great Future*

Building Your Childs Self Worth*

What Parents Need to Now About Dating - Impart Magazine Article*

Confessions for Moms

Three Steps to Self-Worth

Common Sense Parenting | Mobile Version


smart moms smart moms
smart moms smart moms
smart moms smart moms
Children Print

This is My Life
A great vision-builder, the This Is My Life Sample Notebook, combined with Don and Katie Fortune's motivational gifts book, Discovering Your Child's God-Given Gifts, will help you to train up your kids in the way they should go according to the gifts God has given them (Proverbs 22:6).

The Sample Notebook includes instructions on how you can personalize the This Is My Life Notebook for as many children as you'd like.

You can find more information about ordering, Discovering Your Child's God-Given Gifts, by clicking on the name of the book.

Sample: This is My Life Form*

Download these Sample pages which show the way your THIS IS MY LIFE notebook pages will look when they are completed.
Note: You cannot type on these pages.

This is My Life Form*

Note: Because of the way Acrobat Reader works with fill-in forms, you can only type your name(s) and information into the forms to fill them in. When you are through typing in the personalized information, you can print the pages out for use in your own notebooks. Acrobat Reader only allows you to type and print. You cannot save the forms to your computer. You can use the fill-in forms as many times as you like for multiple names and notebooks, however, you cannot save them onto your local computer.

Just For Kids

Printable Valentines Day Card

Christmas Coloring Page

Father's Day Printable Card

Thanksgiving Printable Card


Project Priority Form*

Family Finances - Impart Magazine Article*

Family Finances*
Download and print these basic financial worksheets to help you find out where you are financially. Knowing where your money goes is a huge part of taking control of it. And one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family is a well-organized system of keeping your financial records in one place.

Five Year Plan*
Where do you want your family to be five years from now financially? spiritually? physically? academically? socially? What steps will you need to take to accomplish these objectives? Every corporation has a five year plan. Every family ought to have one too.

Download and print this basic Five Year Plan Worksheet to help you determine your goals so you can start taking steps to reach them.

5 Principles of Financial Security*
The Word is a guide for our lives, and just the same it has a guide for our finances. This list highlights biblical truths for our finances.


Characteristics of the Wise*

Everybody Wants To Be Somebody*

Failure’s Hall of Fame*
Rarely do people accomplish anything on their first try. Here's is an account of some of the most successful failures we know who proved it's diligence that wins out.


The Big Squeeze*

Feeling Swamped?*



10 Things to Remember (That God Says)*

Making Sense of The Last Days*

Daily Confessions from God's Word*

First Things First*

Isaiah 9:6 / Christmas Print*

Faith Scriptures*
Faith-without it it's impossible to please God. Like a muscle we build it up by using it. Here are scriptures to add to your confessions and study time.

Delivered From Trouble*
There are many scriptures on trouble in the Bible. But the flip side is that not one of those scriptures is bad-they always finish with how God ALWAYS delivers His people from trouble. Know your inheritance and stand on the Word- He is our deliverer from trouble. Add these scriptures to your confessions and study time.

Prayer Scriptures*
Prayer is our greatest tool our Christian walk- it's our connection to God. It's how to communicate. Here are scriptures on prayer, what it is and the results that come. Add these to your confession and study time.

*To view pdf files you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is a free program.

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